• David Williamson

Why Your Digital Advertising Doesn’t Work and How to Fix It

The Disconnect

Small businesses try to force digital advertising into an analog environment. Analog, meaning a traditional customer journey of in-bound customer phone calls, and in-person sales interactions. For example, you purchase digital targeted display ads that drive traffic to your homepage. Sounds promising, however your homepage doesn't have a lead form, special offer, or anything that provides any value to a customer that wants to buy now. Nor do you have an employee who is dedicated to nurturing these website leads. Ultimately your digital advertising does not generate any sales.

What to Fix First

Conform your digital advertising to your analog customer journey.

First, establish your analog customer journey on paper so that your employees understand it and can train on it. Most Boomers, Gen Xers, and many Millennials still prefer to talk to a human on the phone or in person before making a purchase. In fact, 66% of consumers prefer to work with a salesperson! Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water and abandon a system that still generates revenue.

Write down your phone script. Create your in-person sales script. Know exactly what you are going to say every time a customer walks in. Be consistent, friendly, and smart. No “winging it”. You are there to solve a customer's problem, not sell them something.

Next, build your digital advertising around your newly written down analog customer journey. Again, do not abandon what is working today. If your employees are used to taking phone calls, tell customers to call you. If your salespeople sell better in person, invite customers to come into your store. Give them incentive to come in with contest sign-ups, giveaways, and in-store only discounts. People need a reason to come into your store, and they need to know why now is a good time to buy Use all of these messages in your current digital advertising.

What to Fix Second - Start to Develop Your Digital Customer Journey

Do not force traditional salespeople into a digital sales environment. If you take a Boomer who has only worked on the phone and in person for 30 years and put them in charge of 50 digital leads a month, they will get overwhelmed, tank their close ratio, and it will discourage them.

Instead, start with a salesperson who enjoys communicating digitally. This person is more than likely under 38-years-old and isn’t afraid to use an emoji 😉. *Disclaimer-I know plenty of Boomer and Gen Xer salespeople that can sell digitally with ease, however they are harder to find than Millennial digital salespeople.

Once you have a digital salesperson in place it’s time to develop your digital customer journey. Write down what the initial contact should look like. Create online forms that ask plenty of questions, like which color do you like? How many kids do you have? How often do you dine out? Whatever questions are relevant to your product or service. Script your digital salesperson's first response to a form fill. Do you contact them immediately by phone or shoot them a text? Can you do the entire sale digitally through text messaging? Here is an example digital customer journey:

  1. Customer clicks on a Facebook ad with offer

  2. Customer is directed to a landing page with form and customer fills out form

  3. Digital salesperson contacts customer via text

  4. The digital sales conversation begins!

Once your digital customer journey is outlined, now you can start running digital ads that drive people to a landing page so that you can capture their info (name, email, phone number, address, etc.). Run Facebook lead generation campaigns and have your digital salesperson ready to respond quickly. Digital leads need to be followed up within 5 minutes or less of a form fill. If you don’t follow up quickly, your competitor will!

Market to The Now!

Market to your customers today, not 10 years in the future. Yes, learn more about the changing landscape of how consumers prefer to do business with you, but we need to sell something today. That way you can generate enough capital to fund your future marketing strategies, like a 100% digital customer journey! If you’ve made it this far, grab our Facebook Lead Follow Up Sequence for free here!

David M. Williamson is the President of POP MKTG and specializes in digital advertising, lead generation, and content marketing. POP MKTG currently manages $1M in digital marketing per year, and has generated over $30M in sales in 2019 for their customers. Send POP MKTG a message if your small business needs help with marketing!