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5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Project Management System

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Do you have projects coming in and no good way to organize them? It might be time to look into a project management system. A project management system helps keep everything organized, keep up with due dates, and can help teams work more seamlessly. Even if your business is just starting out and doesn’t have loads of work, it's good to have a project manager to start your organization system early. When you have tons of projects coming in later you will have your system down and ready to handle them. Here are five considerations for selecting a project management system.

1. What features are most important for your project manager to have?

To begin your search for the best project management system, make a list of features you would like to have. Do you want to keep track of time spent on projects? Maybe you need to add files to each project. There are many project managers to choose from, so finding one that fits your needs the best will be worth the search. Many systems come with free trials so you can really dive in and see what features they have to offer.

2. Will you be collaborating with a team or clients?

Another thing to consider when making that list is if you would like to collaborate with others. Most project managers make it very easy to work with your team on just about anything. With some systems you can choose who is working on individual projects so only they can see it. This is a very useful feature in the project manager we use, Basecamp. Another feature to consider is whether or not you can add clients to the project. This becomes very useful when sending files back and forth for approval. While this feature is great, also consider the privacy you will have once a client is added to the project.

3. Is it customizable?

This is a feature that might be important for some businesses. From an organizational standpoint, do you want to be able to customize your system? This can be useful for people who already have a system they have created for themself but would like to automate the process a little or let others have access to it. One project manager that is very customizable is Monday.com. In Monday.com, you are able to completely customize each board and task within the boards. This can be very useful but without a little direction at first it can get very overwhelming. I recommend joining their webinars and watching videos when getting started. This helped me learn the process so much better.

4. Is it easy to understand/use?

This one is pretty self explanatory but very important. Make sure the project manager you choose will not only be easy for you to understand, but also your team and clients (if you choose to add them). It’s a good idea to get opinions from other team members about the system before deciding if it's the one for your business. Just because it's easy for you to understand, doesn’t mean everyone will pick up on it as well. If the system is for your personal use, making this decision will be much easier.

5. What is your price point?

Some project management systems come with a large price, but this can be very worth it. Depending on what features you want or need, you may have to spend some extra money. Typically if you have a team of people you will be using the system with, you will need to spend more. Here at POP MKTG we tried out Monday.com for about six months. This wasn’t a bad project manager, but when we started adding more people to the system we were getting charged more. From there we had to evaluate whether it was worth it or not to continue spending more with this project management system. Ultimately we decided that even though Monday.com was a useful system with a very appealing design, it did not have all the features we needed for our team. Since then we have switched to Basecamp. Basecamp has more features we use on a daily basis and has a lower price point. This was much more worth it for our team.

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Katie Harris

Project Manager