• David Williamson

How to Sell More Effectively by Creating a Customer Avatar

Business Owners who know their customers best are the most successful. Continuing to align your product and service with your customer’s pain point is how you beat your competition. However, business owners can get bogged down with the day-to-day operations of their business, and they can start to lose sight of who they are trying to attract. That’s why at POP MKTG we recommend defining your customer on paper so your can reference it often, and so everyone in your organization is on the same page about who your customer is. This is where the term customer avatar comes into play.

“Definition - A customer avatar is a clearly defined profile of your perfect customer.”

A customer avatar is a clearly defined profile of your perfect customer. Another term you may hear used is a buyer persona. In the past you may have heard the terms target demo or target market. What I like about the term customer avatar, is it’s more specific than a target market or target demo. The problem with a target demo is it is way too broad for today’s consumer. A target demo tries to merge people together by determining common characteristics. For example, two people have in common that they are human and they breathe air - it’s just too broad.

The typical example target demo that you will get from a traditional media company is the classic Women 25-54. The problem with this type of metric, is it’s too large to be effective. Today, the majority of women who are 25-years-old are more than likely single without kids. This is extremely different than women in their early 50’s who may have children in college and are working in the C suite at their company. Due to this discrepancy, we choose to use a customer avatar instead of a target demo.

A customer avatar is a make believe person who you write all of your marketing messages for. It is much more effective to communicate with one person, than it is to try and talk to an entire crowd. “But, I have many different customers of all different ages!” you may say. Don’t worry. When you define your marketing messages to one specific customer avatar, these messages will trickle down to many other demographics as well. You will see what I am talking about later in the article.

Let’s Get Started

Open up your Quickbooks or CRM and take a snapshot of who you have sold to the most in the past. I bet they all “look” a certain way on paper. Maybe they are all married? Maybe they all have older kids and enjoy vacationing in Florida? You will start to notice fine details that you can start to paint a picture with.

There are many customer avatar templates available for you to use as a guideline. At POP MKTG, we like using Digital Marketers template which you can find here. Or, download this version you can print and fill-out, and then post it near your work station so that it is always available for reference. Fill out this customer avatar paperwork thoroughly. Take your time! Be sure to connect emotionally with your customer while you’re writing. Don’t forget that your product or service can solve their problem, that’s why they buy from you!

Craft Your Marketing Message For Your Customer Avatar

Now that you have your paperwork filled out and you have built the perfect customer avatar, it’s time to craft some new marketing messages with the sole purpose of attracting your customer avatar. What problem do they have that your business can solve? Where is your customer spending their free time consuming content?

For Example

Let’s say you own a Window company called Kentucky Windows. Your customer avatar is Henry the Homeowner. Download Henry the Homeowners customer avatar here.

Keeping Henry the Homeowner’s customer avatar in mind, let’s build a few sentences that we can use for our company, Kentucky Windows.

Message #1 - “Hey Homeowners! Is your house 15 years or older? It may be time to replace your windows. Call Kentucky Windows now to schedule your free 20 minute inspection! Not only can we can inspect your current windows to see if they need replaced, we can also offer some free tips on how to get the most energy efficiency out of your current windows. Many times a simple repair can fix your problem!

Message #2 - “Hey Homeowners! Is your house ready for beautiful new windows but your budget isn’t? Don’t Worry! We offer competitive financing so you can solve your drafty problem today! PLUS! Get two tickets to any UK basketball game this winter!”

Message #3 - “Hey Homeowners! Save on beautiful new windows with our Spring Savings Event! Our prices are 30% off! Don’t forget to ask about our 60 month financing!”

Message #4 - “Hey Homeowners! Is conserving energy important to you? Then shop Kentucky Windows for the world’s most efficient windows! Schedule your free 20 minute window inspection today. You’ll get speedy peace of mind with Kentucky Windows!”

Let’s Break It Down

As you can see, we are always using the keyword Homeowner so that we can grab Henry’s attention right away. We know that Henry doesn’t have a lot of time so we let him know our inspection is only 20 minutes. We use the keyword beautiful to attract Henry’s desire to upgrade his home’s appearance. Also, we throw in some UK basketball tickets to help close the deal and beat out the competition who more than likely are not offering any incentives. Once you have written down 10-20 different marketing messages, start to really zero in on your favorite ones and then begin to use them all of the time, in all of your marketing materials. This will not only attract your customer avatar more effectively, it will also start to develop your branding.

*Side note - as you can see, the above messaging is not only effective for Henry, but it is effective for a woman who is 45 years old as well, or an older couple in their 70’s. We have covered more of your target demographic by actually getting more specific! 🤯

In Conclusion

Now you can see how easy it is to develop your customer avatar and start writing marketing messages to them directly. Once you complete this exercise you really will be light years ahead of your competition! Plus, you will start to save money on your marketing, because you will have a better understanding of where your customer spends their time, and how to talk to them while they are there. In our future article, we will cover where to deliver these new marketing messages.

At POP MKTG our clients really enjoy the customer avatar exercise. It brings a lot of clarity to the purpose of their operation and helps set a benchmark for their advertising. If you have any questions on creating your company’s customer avatar, you can contact us here or on our Facebook page. We offer a free 20 minute consultation to anyone who has read this article!

-David Williamson

President of POP MKTG