• David Williamson

When Should My Company Start Advertising On Facebook?

Facebook is officially one of the most important places your B2C business should be advertising. A conservative estimate from techjury.net says the average user spends 2 hours and 33 minutes a day on Facebook. I believe this is closer to 4-5 hours per day due to how people tend to click on the Facebook app anytime they have free minute. Whether that’s while they are at work, watching TV at home, or sitting at a stop light. People are spending every opportunity they can on Facebook. How much time do you spend on Facebook? If you’re an iPhone user, you can go to your screen time app in your settings, and see how much time you spend on each app. Brace yourself… it may shock you! What’s the bottom line? Your company needs to be advertising on Facebook.


In this article I am going to teach you how your company can build a Facebook advertising strategy. Your Facebook advertising strategy will consist of two tactics. These tactics are organic and paid. Let’s dive in!

Organic vs Paid

Organic is the term we use for posting on facebook organically, meaning without any boosting. These organic posts can include slice of life activities happening in your store, sales promotions, positive customer reviews, meet the staff, and anything else that adds value to your customers. One tactic that many digital agencies will try and incorporate is posting information that has nothing to do with your company. This made sense 15 years ago. It doesn’t anymore. Unless you are the chamber of commerce, do not post the “Top 5 Things To Do In (insert your city’s name here)!”. Your organic Facebook posts should only contain valuable information relevant to your business. Period. If you’d like to take your Facebook organic posting to the next level, you can start scheduling your posts using a social media calendar. Check out our article on how to develop your company’s own social media calendar.

How Often Should We Post?

How many times should your company make an organic post? At least two to three times per week. If you have the bandwidth, post every day. The Facebook algorithm throttles back business pages’ organic posts because they want a user’s feed to contain their friend’s posts, not spam. Also, they want business to buy paid sponsored posts. However, your company’s post will still make it into a user's regular news feed periodically. That’s why it’s worth posting often.

Paid posts are the posts that have the word “sponsored” above them. These paid posts are what we consider Facebook Advertising. There are many different forms of paid advertising on Facebook. For example, single image, carousel, and video ads. These ads fall into many different placements like in-stream, news feed, partner stories, Instagram, and more.

Paid ads are how you turn Facebook users into paying customers! By serving relevant ads to the right audience, potential customers will interact with your brand, request your offers, and purchase your products and services.

Business Manager & Facebook Ads Manager

In order to start serving ads on Facebook, you will need to build a Facebook Business Manager Account. This is where you will attach your Facebook Page, and assign people or employees to your Facebook page. Next, you create your Facebook Ads Manager. This is where you will build your Facebook ads. Here is a great video from Shopify’s YouTube channel that can help you build your Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads Manager.


The foundation of Facebook Paid advertising is being able to send your ads directly to your potential customers. We call this targeting. For example, if you are an Orthodontist you can target moms with grade school kids, or adults searching for clear aligner braces. This is a very efficient way to advertise.


The tactics we recommend here at POP MKTG for Facebook Advertising, start with our 3 Step Campaign Funnel. These steps are as follows: Brand Awareness, Engagement, and Lead Generation. These three tactics turn cold audiences into warm audiences, and then warm audiences into leads.

Brand Awareness - First, we want to be certain our potential clients are aware of our company. Therefore you need to serve generic ads that showcase your company’s services and products, plus your unique selling proposition.

Engagement - Second, we create an engagement campaign. The purpose of the engagement campaign is to serve ads to people who engage regularly with Facebook content. That way your ad will have what is called social proof. These types of ads will generate comments, video views, likes, and shares. When your potential customer sees the social proof of these ads, they will become more interested in your product or service and start to do their research on your company. These types of campaigns ultimately help you build trust and authority with your audience.

Lead Generation - Third, we create a lead generation campaign. This campaign will consist of an ad with a strong call to action that will grab your potential customers' attention. Things like “Save 15% This Weekend” or “Buy One Get One Now Through The End of The Month” are strong ways to encourage someone to click on your Lead Generation ad now. Once they click, a form pops up and the potential customer can fill out their information. They click submit and you have just captured a lead!

The Most Important Question - What Should My Facebook Ad Budget Be?

This is the number one question that business owners ask us at POP MKTG, “How much should I spend on my Facebook Advertising”. The answer is $100 per day. This is the standard benchmark for us at POP MKTG. Here is why. Yes, you can get results for $10 per day like many Facebook gurus will tell you. However, we need to generate results today, not in 9 months. You will never see a significant enough ROI on $10 per day. It just takes too long to move the needle. At $100 day, Facebook can find your target audience much faster, serve them ads sooner, which generates leads much faster. Facebook ads can be turned off immediately. So let’s say you know you need to spend $100 a day on Facebook, but you have only budgeted $1,000 for Facebook this month. Then you can run your $100 per day campaign for 10 days then turn it off. It will generate results for you much quicker utilizing this method over a slow-burn, $10 per day investment. We have had results spending $50 per day on Facebook, but it is much slower of a launch. Any budget under $50 a day we do not recommend.

Wrap Up

Start advertising today on Facebook. Build your Business Manager and Ad Account. Utilize our 3 Step Campaign Funnel and build these three campaigns: Brand Awareness, Engagement, and Lead Generation. Here is a super-secret ninja tactic from POP MKTG, allocate your Facebook budget accordingly: 30% on a Brand Awareness campaign, 40% on an Engagement campaign, and 30% on a Lead Generation campaign. 🤺💥

If you are ready to start advertising on Facebook, and would like to work with a professional digital agency, send us a message here. We offer a social media marketing package that we 100% guarantee will generate leads and help you reach your sales goals! We have generated tens of millions of dollars for our clients utilizing Facebook Advertising, and we can do the same for you!

David Williamson,

President of POP MKTG